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A strong, non-addictive, non-prescriptive hypnotic, insomnia and alcohol-compatible.

A strong, non-addictive, non-prescriptive hypnotic, insomnia and alcohol-compatible. hypnotic effect


A strong, non-addictive, non-prescriptive hypnotic, insomnia and alcohol-compatible.

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Efficient, affordable, safe – these are the main characteristics of the Melaxen sleep aid. This drug contains the exact analogue of melatonin produced by the human epiphysis. It is made from plant amino acids, therefore it is as safe as possible. And so you can easily purchase this tool without a doctor’s prescription. Melaxen has several important advantages over other melatonin analogues.


Melaxen is used as an adaptogenic agent for improving sleep. It is an effective non-addictive sleep aid. It will help you fall asleep when biological rhythms fail, during stress-related insomnia, during a shift schedule or after a long flight with jet lag. However, even prolonged use of the drug will not cause addiction and will not affect the production of its own melatonin. Lack of sleep is the scourge of modern man. And in half of the cases it’s not the lack of time to sleep, but the impossibility of falling asleep on time. Of course, always help solve the problem of hypnotics. But in order to buy a strong sleeping pill, it is usually necessary to visit a doctor and get a prescription. Forget about it! There is a safe tool that has, including the hypnotic effect without addiction, and therefore there is no need to visit a doctor. It is enough just to follow the instructions. Such non-addictive hypnotics usually are expensive. But Melaxen is affordable for everyone, and this remedy is a remedy for normalizing sleep.

It is released without medical prescriptions.

As a rule, the cause of insomnia lies in the lack of melatonin synthesis. However, it is not necessary to interfere with the natural processes of the body. Your body can be deceived by taking artificial melatonin, which is a part of Melaxen tablets. It is easy to buy without a prescription, and most importantly, it will not harm the body and will not cause addiction. It is not surprising that the drug with a hypnotic effect can be sold in a pharmacy without a prescription. Melaxen differs from other drugs from insomnia in that it has a minimum of side effects. Security has allowed pharmacies to sell Melaxen without prescriptions ambien horror stories. It is worth noting that sleeping pills containing melatonin without a prescription is sold in Europe and America. Only 1 tablet will help you sleep and sleep well. Melaxen can be applied one-time or course. This drug should be in the first-aid kit for everyone.

A strong, non-addictive, non-prescriptive hypnotic, insomnia and alcohol-compatible. hypnotic effect

When insomnia and compatible with alcohol

Many drugs are not compatible with alcohol. But this does not apply to Melaxen. This effective remedy for insomnia can be taken after a glass of wine, and after a considerable dose of alcohol. Manufacturers have done everything to ensure that a good sleeping pill was not only affordable, but also as safe as possible. Melaxen is a highly effective drug with a hypnotic effect, compatible with alcohol. Usually take 1 tablet containing 3 mg of melatonin, 30-40 minutes before sleep. If you plan to fly to a territory with a different time zone, then for the prevention of jetlag, you should start taking funds on the basis of melatonin, that is, Melaxen, 1 day before the trip. Despite the fact that the pills have a hypnotic effect, addiction to it will not, even if you take the drug for a long time.

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MELAXEN – an effective remedy in melatonin-based tablets

Melatonin, forcing a person to go from wakefulness to sleep, was discovered in the middle of the 20th century. In the daytime his presence is minimal, and in the evening the concentration increases – and we feel the need for sleep. But if changes occur in the usual mode (travel, daily work) or melatonin synthesis has decreased, an effective remedy is required.

Melaxen is an effective and safe remedy based on melatonin, which is an exact replica of the human epiphysis. But it does not interfere with the work of the body, and therefore does not cause side effects when the drug is canceled. That is what a really good remedy for insomnia should be, which can help people who are looking for a sleeping pill.

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Strong effect

Melaxen is a fast-acting tool, which is very convenient when planning the time for going to bed. Take 1 tablet 30-40 minutes before planning to go to sleep. You will have time to prepare for bed, and when you lie down in bed, the effect of the medicine will begin.

It is completely safe and not addictive. It is very convenient to take it with you when traveling when insomnia is possible due to changing time zones, anxiety about sleeping in an unusual place, etc. A quick hypnotic effect will help you calmly sleep in any circumstances.

Effective application

Melaxen helps to fall asleep in any situation. You can use it as a way to return to work mode after a holiday or sleep after a night on duty. An easy-to-use remedy in tablets will help with chronic insomnia.

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You do not need a doctor’s prescription for this highly effective cure for insomnia. It is safe and not addictive. Detailed instructions will help you choose the right dosage.

Inexpensive modern sleeping pills

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Low cost is another important criterion for a good remedy for insomnia. Effective modern means Melaxen is affordable for everyone. It can be bought at the pharmacy. But it is better to do it in advance: let the drug be in your first-aid kit to help you out at the right moment.

Melaxen is a vivid example of the fact that an inexpensive tool can also be highly effective. The drug begins to act within half an hour, so it is easy to plan your sleep with it. This inexpensive cure for insomnia will help you not to lose precious hours in painful attempts to fall asleep.